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Budget Allocator is being used right now by local governments in Australia, Canada, the UK & the USA.

What is participatory budgeting?

Participatory budgeting directly involves community members in making decisions about the allocation of public money.

Three arguments for participatory budgeting

When should budgeting be participatory?

Participatory budgeting is regularly used by governments around the world to prioritize local spending.

Three ways to use participatory budgeting

Our tailored software

Participatory budgeting software that is secure, accessible, mobile and affordable while always being a pleasure to administer and fun to use.

Six features that set Budget Allocator apart

Who's used Budget Allocator?

Read about the success other organisations like yours have had using Budget Allocator.


Two pricing packages to suit your needs

Single Project


  • One project
  • One administrator
  • Unlimited participation
  • 3 month licence
  • Email support
  • Demographics capture
  • Onscreen + Exportable reports



  • Unlimited projects
  • Multiple administrators
  • Unlimited participation
  • 12 month licence
  • Support SLAs
  • Personalised domain
  • Email + Phone support
  • Demographics capture
  • Onscreen + Exportable reports
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